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Jupiter Returns to Glory Jupiter Returns to Glory
Taken By: Joe Caggiano
Camera Settings: best 25 images @ 0.177 second exposure
Method: LPI

Jupiter - September 2, 2010

M13 M13
Taken By: Harel Boren
Camera Settings: DSI-C
Method: LXD75 SN-10

M13 - total exposure 7.5 minutes, at 15 seconds exposure each, unguided

Sunspot #960 Sunspot #960
Taken By: Joe

Sunspot Group #960 taken on June 9, 2007 with a 6" scope, a solar filet and the meade LPI.

The Sun The Sun
Taken By: Sean Davies
Camera Settings: ISO 200, 1/4000 second, white balance set to auto.

Photograph of the Sun using a Nikon D50 with a Skywatcher 102 mm refractor, and Celestron White Light Filter

Sunrise on Lunar Alps taken at Sunset from Italian Alps Sunrise on Lunar Alps taken at Sunset from Italian Alps
Taken By: Fulvio Masuero
Method: Meade LPI Camera mounted on a Made DS2114 Starter telescope, with ND96 Lunar Filter

Taken on April, 24th 2007, from my site near Torino (IT); seeing poor. Postprocessing: 4 frames stacked with regiStax; notes added with Adobe Photoshop LE.

SW Moon SW Moon
Taken By: Fulvio Masuero
Method: MEADE DS2114 - MEADE LPI

Mare Humorum with Crater Gassedni. Western Mare Nubium

M42 Great Orion Nebulae M42 Great Orion Nebulae
Taken By: Thomas Ash
Method: Prime Focus

Meade LX200GPS/UHTC 14' @ F6.3 Canon 350D Modified Guided with Orion ED 80 Converted, aligned, combined and masked Images Plus Images registered with Registar 20 - 15 sec subs @ ISO 1600 5 - 60 sec subs @ ISO 1600 21 - 120 sec subs @ ISO 1600

Moon and Venus Moon and Venus
Taken By: Joe
Camera Settings: 25x set at 1/100 second
Method: camcorder snapshot

A very young crescent moon near Venus on January 20, 2007 with a 30mm camcorder. Zoom was set at 25x.

The Swan The Swan
Taken By: Andrew Dumont
Camera Settings: Single 100sec exposure with a 200 iso
Method: Prime focus

The Swan nebula

Pliedes Pliedes
Taken By: Gordon Young
Camera Settings: ISO 400 2 Minutes
Method: Canon Digital Rebel

M45 Taken at Borrego Springs, CA

Sunspot # 923 Sunspot # 923
Taken By: Joe Caggiano
Camera Settings: 0.004 second exposure, single frame
Method: Meade LPI

A great shot of Sunspot # 923 taken on November 11, 2006 with a Meade LPI and a solar filer through a 6" scope.

M31 Andromeda Galaxy M31 Andromeda Galaxy
Taken By: Bob Starzynski
Camera Settings: Orion 80ED and CGE mount unguided. 190 180 second 1600iso subs Canon 300D
Method: Prime focus F/7.5

M31 and it's companion galaxies M110 and M32

Saturn from Balbriggam Co.Dublin Saturn from Balbriggam Co.Dublin
Taken By: Carl O'Beirnes
Camera Settings: Toucan 1200AT
Method: CGE Celestron 14" SCT

Saturn - Unprocessed See for more images by Carl

lunar shots lunar shots
Taken By: Vin Haggett
Camera Settings: 40 images combined taken on moon setting with out filters
Method: The camera was L.P.I.

this was taken 08/23/06 with meade 4.5 reflector scope.

M13 80ED M13 80ED
Taken By: Bob Starzynski
Camera Settings: 50 180 second 400iso subs taken with stock Canon 300D
Method: Prime focus 80ED on a CGE gem unguided

M13 and two background galaxies IC4617 and NGC6207

M22 M22
Taken By: wolf123
Camera Settings: 4 ISO1600 frames stacked
Method: Skywatcher MAK127+Canon 350D(prime focus)

The photo was shot at Yushan National Park.

M31 M31
Taken By: Wolf123
Camera Settings: Three ISO 1600 frames stacked,total 3654 sec,
Method: Skywatcher 80ED+Canon 350D(prime focus)

The photo was taken at Yushan National Park.2006/06/25

Plato Plato
Taken By: joe caggiano
Camera Settings: Single exposure at 0.044 seconds, gain: 15, offset: 15
Method: Meade LPI

My best shot of Plato. Taken June 6, 2006 though a 6" newt, a 2x barlow and the Meade LPI. Single exposure set at 0.044 seconds. Touched up slightly through Registax.

Copernicus Copernicus
Taken By: joe caggiano
Camera Settings: 0.044 second, gain 15, offset 15, single exposure
Method: Meade LPI

My most detailed shot of Copernicus. Taken June 6, 2006 through a 6" newt, a 2x barlow and the Meade LPI. Set to single exposure at 0.044 seconds. Touched up (barely) through Registax.

M8 and M20 M8 and M20
Taken By: Thomas ash
Camera Settings: 30 - 180 sec subs 15 darks
Method: Prime focus

Orion ED80, Losmandy G11 Canon 350D Modified Unguided 30 - 180sec subs 15 darks Converted,aligned and combined Images Plus Tweaked PS-CS

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