Lessons Learned

The "Lesson Learned" pages are based on what I have learned while getting started in astronomy.

Please feel free to submit your lessons. Share them with other amateur astronomers.

Audio versions of many of these articles are available on the Audio-Video page.

Buying Equipment

What to look for when selecting a equipment supplier.

Why Meade

Why I choose a Meade Telescope.

Selecting Your Site and Getting Set Up For Observing

How to select and setup a new observing site for the beginner.

Electric Focuser - LXD75 SN-8 to 10

Meade 1240 Focuser has been Discontinued!!!!! Electric Focuser Project To Add A 1240 Electric Focuser To A LXD75

Observing Tips For The Amateur Astronomer

Observing Tips For The Amateur Astronomer

Web Design Tips

Web Design Tips for the New Webmaster

Why Calibrate Your Monitor?

When I decided to get into digital imaging I missed a few basic steps. Were did I go wrong?

The Pickering Seeing Scale

Animated version of the Pickering scale of rating atmospheric turbulence. The scale was devised by William H. Pickering (1858-1938) using a 5" (13cm) refractor. CREDIT - Animations produced by Damian Peach. Thank you Damian Peach for allowing the use of your Animations.

Dark Spot in Centre Eyepiece

Getting a Dark Spot in the centre of your eye piece when using your telescope during the day? Find out Why!

LXD75 Mount Modifications

LXD75 Mount Modifications that work. These little mods have transformed this machine into a much more pleasant experience. By Karl Poirier - Guelph,Ontario,Canada

Using Photo Shop to Remove Star Trails from image.

How to reduce star trails in your image using Photo Shop.

Eye Piece Holder - Focuser Modification

If you change a lot of eye pieces during your observation sessions, this project might be for you.

Filter Comparisons For Common Nebulae

This is a great article written by David W. Knisely(KA0CZC@navix.net) listing many filter comparisions on common nebulae. This is worth your time to read if you are looking to purchase your first filters or need information on which filter might get the best results for your needs. Prairie Astronomy Club: http://www.prairieastronomyclub.org

Electric Focuser

Hello I'm from Argentina, I've just finished to install the focuser 1240 in my LXD 55 SB 8", it's connected to the AUX port of t...

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